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Complete New Manager Jump Series™


Complete New Manager Jump Series™


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The New Manager JumpStart series provides immediately actionable skills for you to hit the ground running in your first ninety days as a new manager. You’ll start by gaining skills to navigate the transition from staff to supervisor, identify ways to communicate clearly, make a plan to manage your time and your new responsibilities, and plan and manage effective meetings. 

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you will be ready to move your team and your development to the next level with the New Manager JumpIn™ series.

Transition from Staff to Supervisor
Stressed about transforming from coworker to boss? Concerned about your new workload? Unsure how you’ll handle new resourcing responsibilities?

In this JumpStart course, you will practice the skills necessary to lead others, manage your new responsibilities, and transition into your new position of authority.

Communicate with Clarity
Struggling to persuade and motivate your team? Does your message fall flat? Are your conversations often confusing and unproductive? 

In this JumpStart course, you will use the Learn-Plan-Deliver-Confirm process to effectively communicate and improve the motivation and productivity of your team.

Prioritize and Manage Your Time
Need more hours in the day to get things done? Feel like something is always falling by the wayside? Find yourself wasting time on unimportant tasks? 

In this JumpStart course, you will identify your values and prioritize based on those values, align your time with your priorities, and create plans to meet your goals.

Manage Effective Meetings
Are you finding yourself holding meeting after meeting with no progress to show for them? Do your meetings get hijacked by the personal agendas of the same outspoken people? Are your meetings becoming unproductive social hours? 

In this JumpStart course, you will identify the purpose and need for a meeting, plan your agenda, actively manage your meeting, and evaluate the success of the meeting.


The New Manager JumpIn series continues the management development you started with the New Manager JumpStart. You will gain immediately actionable skills to take your team to the next level. You’ll start by exploring ways to coach your employees to encourage performance change, use healthy disagreement and debate to drive innovation, resolve unhealthy team dynamics, and keep your team productive during times of change. 

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you will be ready to move your team and your development upward with New Manager JumpUp.

Coach for Change
Having trouble connecting with and motivating your team? Is your staff just marking time? Do they have great ideas, but no follow-through?

In this JumpIn course, you will practice building relationships, engaging your team members, helping team members set goals, moving team members from compliance to commitment, and following up at each stage of the process.

Harness and Resolve Conflict
Is your team in constant disagreement? Are you spending all your time putting out fires instead of focusing on goals? Does everyone say they agree in the meeting, but then nothing gets done?

In this JumpIn course, you will assess the health of your team, address sensitive issues, use productive conflict creatively, and resolve unhealthy conflict among peers, direct reports, and management.

Manage Change
Is your team struggling in an ever-changing industry? Does morale fluctuate as goals and initiatives are revised? Do you find yourself constantly calming fears instead of strategically leading your team? 

In this JumpIn course, you will plan for change initiatives, communicate through every step of the initiative, lead through modeling positive reactions to change, and organize resources so that the change initiative is as successful as possible.


The New Manager JumpUp series completes the new management development you started with JumpStart. You will gain immediately actionable skills to maintain your team’s success and drive innovation and momentum. You’ll start by increasing your critical thinking skills, then develop ways to inspire your team, grow your team by adding the right person with the right skills, and retain the valuable talent you already have.

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you will have created a foundation for success as a manager and leader.

Think Critically
Do you find yourself needing to make decisions but lacking information? Do there seem to be more problems than viable solutions? Are tiny issues becoming major challenges while you are trying to decide how to address them? 

In this JumpUp course, you will assess and solve problems, develop creative approaches to issues, make effective decisions, and take quick, decisive action.

Lead and Inspire
Feel like your team is on the verge of greatness, but you’re unsure how to get them there? Want to ignite your team’s passion around a shared vision? Struggling to increase your team’s motivation and innovation?
In this JumpUp course, you will build excellence, motivate through positive examples, drive success through innovation, and influence others.

Hire and Retain
Need to grow your team, but aren’t sure how to find the right addition? Stuck using traditional hiring practices that find the person who is perfect on paper, but not in reality? Frustrated with frequent turnover?

In this JumpUp course, you will identify your needs for new team members, evaluate candidates based on those needs and their fit with your team, and develop rewards and motivations to retain your talent.

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