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New Manager JumpIn™


New Manager JumpIn™


The 90 day JumpIn series includes:

  • Coach for Change
  • Give and Receive Feedback
  • Harness and Resolve Conflict

To register three or more participants, please call 585.287.8181 for pricing.

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The New Manager JumpIn series continues the management development you started with the New Manager JumpStart. You will gain immediately actionable skills to take your team to the next level. You’ll start by exploring ways to coach your employees to encourage performance change, use healthy disagreement and debate to drive innovation, resolve unhealthy team dynamics, and keep your team productive during times of change. 

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you will be ready to move your team and your development upward with New Manager JumpUp.


Coach for Change
Having trouble connecting with and motivating your team? Is your staff just marking time? Do they have great ideas, but no follow-through?

In this JumpIn course, you will practice building relationships, engaging your team members, helping team members set goals, moving team members from compliance to commitment, and following up at each stage of the process.

Give and Receive Feedback
Have you been saving your feedback for the performance review? Do you focus much of your daily interactions on criticisms or on avoiding criticising? Do you know where you stand with your team? Do they know where they stand with you?

 In this course, you will create an ongoing feedback relationship, deliver constructive feedback, receive and grow from feedback, and loop back and monitor growth.

Harness and Resolve Conflict
Is your team in constant disagreement? Are you spending all your time putting out fires instead of focusing on goals? Does everyone say they agree in the meeting, but then nothing gets done?

In this JumpIn course, you will assess the health of your team, address sensitive issues, use productive conflict creatively, and resolve unhealthy conflict among peers, direct reports, and management.


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