How Practice Helped Me Learn the Pythagorean Theorem and Can Help You Too!

Practice is critical to the development of new skills. It allows learners to apply new skills and receive feedback on the results. The process of practicing increases learning in a way that simply reading about a skill will never do. Once you acknowledge the importance of practice, this post will help you increase the effectiveness of practice.

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How Much Technology Does an Instructional Designer Have To Master?

Today’s job descriptions for instructional designers (IDs) require the following: Basic HTML and Flash programming familiarity. Solid knowledge of course development software and at least one LMS. Visual design skills (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator).

Whatever happened to the good old interviewing, storyboarding, or writing skills? Is the pure instructional designer role a thing of the past? Exactly how much technology does an ID need to master in order to be a “good” ID?

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Stop Virtually Useless Virtual Training

12:55 pm: The session starts at 1:00 pm Eastern to allow participation from multiple time zones. I received initial and reminder invitations and completed my pre-work. I have my New Hire Participant Guide in hand and log in. I’m ready.

I listen to the facilitator and producer chit chat. No problem, I’m a bit early; I’ll just work on my email and a couple of other assignments while I wait to get started.

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Oh no! Not a role play!

Do you ever get this reaction when suggesting a role play? After a classroom training pilot, we asked sales reps what was their least favorite part of the training. The answer came back quickly and decisively: role plays! Next, we asked which part of training would help them most in the field. This answer came back slowly and reluctantly: role plays.

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An Argument for Memory Aids: An Interactive Post

This weekend my four-year-old daughter and I were learning about the solar system and she wanted to learn all the names of the planets in order from closest to farthest from the sun. Sometimes, there is information that just needs to be memorized.

When we develop training, we often neglect to think of easy ways to help people memorize. Usually, we try to incorporate any information that needs to be remembered into a job aid or other resource. But we can also create easy ways to help our learners learn.

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