New Hire Orientation: From Dead Bore to We Want More!

Training systems are often designed to shovel every possible bit of knowledge into a new employee’s head with the expectation that they’ll be able to apply that knowledge on the job. Does a new employee need to know everything on Day or Week 1? No. They don’t even need a fraction of that. And the knowledge they do need has to support their performance in the moment.

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What You Forgot to Ask Your Last Training Development Vendor

When you hired a training development vendor, you thought you asked all the right questions: What delivery methods do they offer? What is their experience? Can they meet our needs on time and on budget? What do my colleagues say about them?

The vendor delivered content and experiences beyond your expectations, and the participants loved it. Employees and managers alike responded with glowing feedback.

A few months later, you approached the C-suite with a request for more funds for another round of this well-received training.

And the answer came back: a resounding “no.”

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How Much Technology Does an Instructional Designer Have To Master?

Today’s job descriptions for instructional designers (IDs) require the following: Basic HTML and Flash programming familiarity. Solid knowledge of course development software and at least one LMS. Visual design skills (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator).

Whatever happened to the good old interviewing, storyboarding, or writing skills? Is the pure instructional designer role a thing of the past? Exactly how much technology does an ID need to master in order to be a “good” ID?

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Change Management is More Than a Written Plan

“Change? We won’t be doing any of that, it’s way too hard!” Over the past 20-plus years of helping organizations change strategies and cultures, I have not heard this statement said out loud. Yet I can guarantee you that at some point in the change process, every CEO has had this thought! I see it showing up in the form of excuses to a variety of suggestions. For instance I will ask, “How will you make sure the breakthrough mindset will stick beyond the workshops?” I get back: “I realize we could do more, but look, we just spent all this time and money on these workshops. I will make sure my leaders support this mindset. We’re all set—thanks.”

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Gillespie Nimble Creator Michelle L. Wescott Earns the CPLP® Credential from the ATD Certification Institute

Gillespie Associates is pleased to announce that Michelle L. Wescott, CPLP has earned the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance® credential from ATD CI (the Association for Talent Development Certification Institute). Earning the CPLP certification means Wescott possesses the knowledge and skills to be a top performer in the talent development field.

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Four Ways to Make Thought Diversity the Future of Your Business

In many workplaces, it’s dangerous to disagree with the boss. Doing so signs you up for every crappy task and unwanted assignment possible until your boss forgets or forgives your transgression. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Differences of opinion can help you build a competitive advantage. As a leader, you have the power to change the way your organization works in this regard.

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The Myth of the Millennial Learner

The truth is most employees have the same workforce training preferences and needs. One may be a “digital native,” but prefer learning that involves collaborating with others, practicing real-world skills, and receiving substantive feedback.

We don’t have a millennial learner challenge; we have a modern learner challenge.

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Employee Learning Week is coming!

Part of the reason I love training and development is because I get to help people do their jobs better, and that makes them and their companies happy. And we see the results of our efforts through celebrations for teams and individuals exceeding sales quotas and customer service goals. These recognitions are important. They recognize focused, sustained effort, and inspire others to continuously seek improvement. 

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