Achieving the Impossible Dream (by Getting Motivated)

In the business world, some people seem able to accomplish every task they set for themselves, while others struggle to meet basic requirements. We generally all fall somewhere along the motivation continuum, and we may have specific areas where we feel especially unmotivated—or those where we have boundless energy. This post can help you tap into your motivations.

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Can I Teach Someone how to Be a Leader?

A colleague expressed it well: she knew how to teach technical tasks, like how to add a user account, but she doesn’t believe it’s possible to teach soft, squishy skills, like how to lead. As the creator and facilitator of our leadership development program, Gillespie Nimble, I’m going to shock you and say that I agree 100%.

And that’s why I’m a facilitator, not a teacher or instructor.

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Beyond the MBA: Three Interpersonal Skills Every Manager Should Master

“You are hired for your technical skills and fired for your lack of interpersonal skills.” Over the years, I’ve seen the truth of this play out time and again.

With that in mind, an article in Chief Learning Officer magazine[1] recently caught my eye. It posed the question: Are MBAs still a valuable development tool?

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