Achieving the Impossible Dream (by Getting Motivated)

In the business world, some people seem able to accomplish every task they set for themselves, while others struggle to meet basic requirements. We generally all fall somewhere along the motivation continuum, and we may have specific areas where we feel especially unmotivated—or those where we have boundless energy. This post can help you tap into your motivations.

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How to Survive Feedback

Sometimes feedback is hard to take. In this post, I share four tips I tell new managers in our coaching sessions:

  • Remember that there’s a reason you were selected for this position.
  • Be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling at the moment. 
  • Look at the feedback from a distance.
  • Acknowledge what you need to acknowledge.
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Chronic Body Odor and Communication

Talking costs nothing, doesn’t trigger sensitivities to fragrance, and could actually solve the problem, instead of coating it in floral scent. However, it’s a lot harder to raise a sensitive issue than it is to spray an air freshener. As a new or seasoned manager, you’re going to face lots of difficult conversations. So, how do you address sensitive and difficult conversations with your direct reports? Let’s look at the technique we explore in Gillespie Nimble.

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