Team JumpStart™


Team JumpStart™


Through Gillespie Nimble New Manager JumpStart™, you are gaining the skills you need to excel in your new leadership roles. Now you can provide the same jump-start to your team!

As a new manager, communication and time management are just a few of the make-or-break skills needed in any company, no matter the industry or workplace environment. Your team members need the same skills.

With Gillespie Nimble Team JumpStart™ your team members will improve their communication and time management skills through a series of engaging and interactive courses.

As this program is available only to teams whose managers have completed or are currently enrolled in the Gillespie Nimble New Manager JumpStart series, your team will learn skills that are aligned with those you’ve been learning. These immediately-actionable skills will encourage positivity and productivity, and create a foundation for success for your team. 


  • Communicate with Clarity
  • Prioritize and Manage Your Time

To register three or more participants, please call 585.287.8181 for pricing.

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The Gillespie Nimble Team JumpStart series is a two-month experience designed to get your team applying the same communication and time management skills that are helping you find success as a new manager!


Communicate with Clarity

  • Learn about your audience
  • Plan your message
  • Deliver your message
  • Confirm that your message was received and understood

Prioritize and Manage Your Time

  • Identify your values
  • Prioritize based on values
  • Align your time with your priorities
  • Create plans to meet your goals