About Us

We're Enablers

Gillespie Associates is a diverse creative team that works to tailor learning strategies, methods, and content to your organization's unique needs. We’re interested in how your business works, the problems you need to solve, and the knowledge and skills your employees need to thrive in their roles.

Our team of executives, instructional designers, and IT specialists brings immense experience, award-winning talent, and a defined sense of customer service to every project we take on.

Gillespie Associates helps your organization identify and bridge the learning gaps.

Adult Learning Fascinates Us

For more than 28 years, we’ve researched, analyzed, discussed, and pondered the unique ways in which adults build knowledge and skills. It’s been a labor of love—and a productive one. We've had the pleasure of working with a broad client base, from Fortune 500 companies to local nonprofit organizations, and enabling them to reach their goals.

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We believe...

... people have boundless potential to learn and achieve. 
... in cutting through the noise to uncover the root causes of your organization's performance issues.
... in immersing ourselves in your business to truly understand what's going on and how we can help.
... in creating learning solutions that result in real, lasting performance changes.
... in addressing and managing real-world constraints of limited budgets and tight timelines.
... in seeing the untapped potential of your employees.
... in effective training as one way to unleash performance.
... when you hire a Gillespie instructional designer, you hire the whole team. 
... the intelligence, skills, and expertise of our staff can help bridge the gap between where your organization is, and where it needs to be.