Custom Training

Taking people from where they are to where they need to be is the core of what we do. We analyze your organization’s needs, consult with your team, create custom training solutions, provide performance support, and even offer learning technology that aligns with your business strategies.

You set the targets. We drive toward them—integrating product, service and technical knowledge with the skills employees need to put that knowledge into action. What we do blends seamlessly with your existing processes and infrastructure. And if we think the issues you face can't be solved through training, we’ll say so. 

Gillespie Associates can help you change the way you do business for the better, no matter what your business! Here are some of the areas for which we've developed custom solutions:


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Custom Training FAQS

Have questions about custom training and how it can benefit your organization?  Check out our FAQ page to learn more:

Sales Force Development

Are your sales people selling features or pushing price? If they are, you're not tapping their potential. We'll bridge the gap between your sales strategy and your sales success.


"What we saw was a 33% increase in average monthly revenue gained by this inbound sales rep group."
- Inbound Sales VP, Fortune 500 Telecommunications Co.

Process Mastery

You've invested in, you’ve implemented an EMR system or other new technology. For your organization to fully realize the promise of this change, focused training and support are vital. 

Whether you need a complete training package, or support for your users at the moment of need, we can help you envision the best approach, and design and develop a relevant, engaging solution. Integrating your company's process into the use of a tool is vital to success and it's what we love to do.

New Hire Training

Taking a strategic approach to onboarding may be one of the most important and rewarding initiatives that you can do. Strategic onboarding is so much more than a good orientation experience. It takes a structured approach to the critical first 6-12 months of a new hire. It results in measurable improvements in employee retention, engagement, and speed-to-performance. Together, these lead directly to improvements in the bottom line!  We've developed successful performance-based programs across multiple industries.

Product Training and Support

Introducing a new product is exciting, but your sales and operations employees need to be prepared through practical product training. Integrating product and competitive knowledge with your sales approach is what we do.

We are used to absorbing vast amounts of technical information and turning this into something useful and applicable for your sales reps, your customer service reps, your hotline employees, or whoever needs to fully understand the magic that makes your business hum.

Through the use of realistic scenarios and engaging interactions, your employees will become true ambassadors for your products and services.

Improving Customer Service

Don’t let weak customer service hold your organization back. We've achieved outstanding outcomes by developing targeted programs that provide specific measurable results. We believe that great customer service is equal parts knowledge and attitude. 

See how we helped one company blow past its goal and increase customer retention by 40 percent. Learn more.

Compliance Training

Some people see compliance training as a "have to" in order to avoid problems with regulatory or certification agencies. We see every compliance project as an opportunity to improve your brand, develop your skills, and improve the organization. You may never love compliance training. But we challenge you to take advantage of the opportunity that the next round of compliance training brings. Use us to improve your brand, skills and personal reputation, and to create performance improvement opportunities for your organization and employees.

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It takes more than creativity. Our solutions are rooted in research and real-world experience.

Which approach works best for you? 

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