Anti-Sexual Harassment Training FAQs

How was this training developed?

Gillespie Associates partnered with Leadership Logic to design and develop this training. Leadership Logic has more than 25 years of experience in the Human Resources field and they specialize in leadership development, performance & accountability coaching, communication skills, strategic & organizational planning, conflict management, and compliance. Gillespie Associates has been a leader in the development of performance-based training solutions for 30 years. Their solutions are used by large and small organizations throughout the country and internationally. This anti-sexual harassment training has been reviewed by legal professionals to ensure that it meets and exceeds the latest NY State requirements.

We would be happy to customize or brand this training to meet the needs of your organization. Just contact us and we will discuss the specifics of your request.

Can I customize or brand this training for my organization?

Can I run the online training on my company’s LMS?

The online course is fully SCORM-compliant so can be launched from any SCORM-compliant LMS. Please contact us to discuss.

How will completion of the training be tracked?

When you purchase an annual subscription your employees will be able to access the course through our Learning Management System. We will provide login information for your team. The designated administrator for your company will have access to a dashboard to view who has completed the training. These records can be exported to Excel if needed.

Each employee’s subscription is good for 12 months from the date of initial payment.

How long will my employees have access to the training?

Gillespie Associates are experts in adult learning. We have used that expertise to design this course to encourage behavior change. Also, the course is full of interactive elements that require input from the learner, so it is not possible to be a passive participant. The end-of-course assessment tests understanding of the concepts and requires a 100% passing score to complete the course.

How can I be sure my employees are learning anything?