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We often think that coaching is only for people who are struggling in life or in their career. The reality is that many, many successful professionals utilize coaching to help them explore their potential for greater success and quality of life. Of course, they face challenges, and the coach is there to help  during these challenges. Here are some things that we believe about coaching:

  • Coaching is not psychoanalysis. We don’t believe that you are broken or need fixing. In fact, we believe that you are capable, creative, resourceful, and whole. We believe much more about you, but that will become obvious as we work together.
  • Coaching is not giving advice. While there are times that we will suggest a course of action, it will only be in service of your growth. We may challenge you, but ultimately you commit to what you know is the right path.
  • Coaching is a unique kind of conversation. It is a conversation where certain things are present: respect, empathy and a commitment to truth-telling. We will tell the truth about where you are strong and where you hold back, deny or rationalize.
  • Coaching is not about fostering dependence. Quite the opposite. Coaching helps build your capacity for resilience, your ability to learn from adversity, and reinforces your unique qualities that can lead to achieving your goals.


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Meet the Coaches


Geoff Barrow

Geoff is a  CTI-trained (Coaches Training Institute)  leadership development coach. Geoff strongly believes in the capacity of individuals for growth and learning. He invites you to be fully awake to the leader you truly are. Geoff does not believe in "magic bullets” or quick-fixes, but is passionate about the life-changing process of self-discovery. In his spare time, Geoff is CEO of Gillespie Associates leading a dream-team of training professionals.


Karen Barrow M.S.O.D.

Karen works with organizations who believe in investing in their female talent. With a Masters in Organization Development, Karen’s experience includes working with women in Fortune 500 companies, as well as many small and nonprofit organizations.  She works with women who are currently in new positions and women who need to prepare their career path. Karen believes that women who achieve higher levels of responsibility add their unique value to the conversation and become catalysts for change wherever their careers take them.


Andrea Holland

In private coaching, it’s you and me working together for at least six sessions to create meaningful, productive change in the way you communicate and do business. Whatever your challenge - defining and polishing your business or personal “language”, public speaking, media training, networking, or developing smarter business processes - we kick your communication challenge in the teeth!


Jim Knittel

As a 20+ year talent management leader, Jim has made it his career objective to assist organizations and individuals implement performance improvement interventions that lead to bottom-line results.  A consummate learner, Jim believes that growth begins with self-awareness and a commitment to success.  Jim is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and his organization - Ascend Performance Group - strives for every interaction to be creative, collaborative, and focused on your development. 


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