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Gillespie Associates is committed to using a systematic and disciplined approach to help create training and development solutions that are engaging, relevant and ensure that employees can perform their job tasks effectively and efficiently. We believe passionately in the strategic value of training and development as a critical contributor to overall business success. To achieve this advantage, the expertise of the training and development (T&D) function is critical.

Over the last 27 years of supporting businesses we have learned two important things:

  • Effective learning initiatives are the result of a disciplined and systematic process executed with passion, excellence and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Learning professionals need to shift the focus from delivering training to delivering improved performance.


What is the disciplined and systematic process?

One of the most useful structures for thinking about a systematic process is the work of Pollock, Jefferson and Wick.[1] While most of the thinking is not new it does provide a useful framework that we have adopted for our consulting process. The framework includes 6 elements:

  • Define business outcomes
  • Design the complete experience
  • Deliver for application
  • Drive learning transfer
  • Deploy performance support
  • Document results

These elements cover the breadth of any successful training initiative and provide a very useful communication framework for our work with T&D professionals. At a high level, these elements create the consulting agenda. From there, we can create a consulting program that produces measurable performance improvements for the individual and the organization.

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