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Strategic Onboarding

Ninety percent of businesses believe that new hires make their decision to stay or leave within their first twelve months (2013, Aberdeen Group) . Other statistics out there bear a similar message, but this one alone should have organizations rethinking their existing processes.

When you hire someone, your organization is making a promise to help fulfill a career dream. What happens over the next six to 12 months is critical to fulfilling that promise. It takes a conscious, strategic approach to get this right.

Strategic onboarding is not a glorified orientation. 

Orientations provide both new hires and the newly-promoted the basic information needed to get started on the work for which they were hired.  It may include a few hours with human resources to complete required paperwork, and then a few hours meeting teammates and learning where the break room is. 

The focus of strategic onboarding is to fully integrate new hires into the organization and provide the complete range of tools they need to succeed.

Inspired by research and fueled by our expertise, we have developed a state-of-the-art strategic onboarding plan that integrates new hires into your organization quickly and effectively.  The ultimate goal is to help you get your new hires performing and engaged in a way that ensures their long-term loyalty and reduces your business costs.

The Strategic Process


The first month of work is used to become introduced to the culture, mentors, manager, and


This step enables new hires to understand the resources available to them. In addition, they become more familiar with the business, their jobs, their manager, and their coworkers.


In this step, new hires are given performance expectations, and gain a better understanding of the culture in order to navigate the “firsts” in their new position.


This step is a full integration of everything that has happened up to this point.  This is where the real payoff is achieved and the retention factor results in cost savings.



Gillespie can help you look at your current onboarding processes and make targeted recommendations designed to measurably improve retention and engagement. For over 27 years, we have been in the business of helping organizations improve their performance.

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