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Leadership Logic and Gillespie Associates have partnered to create effective and engaging training that exceeds New York State and New York City requirements for the new anti-sexual harassment regulations.


Here's some information about the regulation and how it might affect you:

Who is required to provide training?

All New York State employers with at least ONE employee will be required to provide anti-sexual harassment training beginning October 2018. Employees include paid and unpaid interns, full- and part-time employees, workers with partial ownership of the company, and seasonal and temporary workers. New York State requires you to train ALL employees even if they work for you for only one day. The State also recommends that you provide training for volunteers, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, consultants, and anyone who provides services in your workplace as you are liable for harassment of and by these "non-employees." (This is informational only and not intended to provide legal or  business advice.)

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

As with most employment regulations, the consequence is fines levied against your company. This new legislation allows managers/leadership to be personally liable, in addition to company liability. The most significant consequence, however, is the inability to use the affirmative defense in court because you will not have done all you could to prevent harassment in your workplace. (This is informational only and not intended to provide legal or  business advice.)

How soon do employees need to be trained?

The State requires training annually. For this first round with this new regulation, you need to train all employees by October 2019, but the State recommends that you train current employees “as soon as possible.” New employees should be trained as soon after hire as possible. (This is informational only and not intended to provide legal or  business advice.)

What is our training like?

Our attorney-approved course is online, interactive, accessible 24/7, and takes about 30 minutes to complete so it will fit easily into any schedule! The course includes all of the New York State and New York City requirements, plus has a focus on ethics and respect and how these topics relate to sexual harassment. We provide administrative access to track employee completion and provide a certificate of completion to each employee once training is complete.

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You will need to purchase one license per employee. Licenses can pre-purchased and used throughout the year to comply with the requirement to have new employees trained as soon as possible.

Our solution includes a free NYS-compliant sexual harassment policy and complaint form that you may edit with your company information.

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