A Shining Example of Training that Works

Read on to find out why we are STILL jumping for joy!

Read on to find out why we are STILL jumping for joy!

As a company whose business is to develop training solutions that improve employee and organizational performance, we regularly strive to prove that our training is successful and to demonstrate to our clients the return on their investment in training. Change takes time, but sometimes, the effects of training are immediate and stunning. We want to share such an example and identify the factors that lead to this success, so it can be replicated.

In February, we launched an online training course for a sales team who sells scientific equipment to research establishments. We recently received feedback that sales for products we targeted in the training rose by 30% compared with nontargeted products. We are delighted at this success for the client! And, because we don’t want it to be a one-time success, we worked to identify the factors that contributed to this accomplishment.

  • Taking time to understand the need. Our client had already determined the outcome they wanted from the course: increased sales. By using that goal as the central litmus test for course design, we developed relevant performance objectives for the course and ensured we met those objectives.

  • Respecting learners by creating an engaging and applicable learning experience. By tapping into experiences of high-performing sales representatives, we developed real-life scenarios the target audience found highly engaging. Scenarios allow learners to experience and work through a simulated workplace situation, which makes it easier to then apply new skills directly to actual sales situations in their territories.

  • Giving learners effective tools to do their jobs. The organization already had a series of strategies for sales representatives to use when meeting potential clients. The traditional approach for our design would have been to present those complex strategies in the online course and hope learners retained some of the information. Instead, we created a user-friendly quick-reference guide for the team to use in the field when preparing for a sales call. We used the online course to present learners with opportunities to practice using the quick-reference guide.

These factors were incorporated into the course experience because we applied good instructional design—analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation—which helped identify the training tactics that would best help the learners achieve their goals. And these tactics are entirely repeatable and inexpensive. Achieving significant training results doesn't have to cost a fortune—it certainly didn’t for this client—results will come from substantive content that captures your organization's need while connecting to your employees.


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