Online Anti-Sexual Harassment Training


Online Anti-Sexual Harassment Training


A joint venture by Leadership Logic and Gillespie Associates, this 45-minute interactive online course exceeds the standards set by New York State for anti-sexual harassment training.

In this course, we will:

  • Define sexual harassment.

  • Describe behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment.

  • Identify how to report sexual harassment.

  • Describe ways you can help if you see harassment.

  • Identify actions you can take to make your workplace harassment-resistant.

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Here's some information about the regulation and how it might affect you:

Who is required to provide training?

All New York State employers with at least ONE employee will be required to provide anti-sexual harassment training beginning October 2018. Employees include paid and unpaid interns, full- and part-time employees, workers with partial ownership of the company, and 1099 employees. New York State requires you to train ALL employees even if they work for you for only one day. It's also a best practice to provide training for volunteers as you are liable for harassment of and by these "non-employees." (This is informational only and not intended to provide legal or  business advice.)

Contact us  for 1000+ licenses.

Contact us for 1000+ licenses.

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

As with most employment regulations, the consequence is fines levied against your company. This new legislation allows managers/leadership to be personally liable, in addition to company liability. (This is informational only and not intended to provide legal or  business advice.)

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Terms and Conditions:

  • You may purchase more seats than required for your immediate use. Unassigned seats will be held for the use of new hires or will roll over to be used for the next annual training.

  • Seats are assigned after you return your employee information spreadsheet. Once assigned, seats are valid for one year.

  • Once assigned, if an employee accesses the training system, the seat is active for that employee for one year. It cannot be reassigned even if the employee leaves your employment or completes the training elsewhere.

  • Once assigned, if an employee leaves your employment BEFORE accessing the training system, the employee can be removed from the assigned seat and that seat will be held for a new hire or will roll over to be used for the next annual training. The seat cost will not be refunded.