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off-the-Shelf training: Gillespie nimble

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In 2015 we looked at the options for off-the-shelf training  solutions for professional skills and were not impressed. The market was dominated by surface-deep online courses. The approach seemed to be: “Take this 30-minute online course on leadership and you should be all set.”

    Organizations invest much more for development of a custom program and rightly expect to see real results–improvements in skills, knowledge, and performance. Results that the current batch of online programs just don’t deliver. So, we set out to create an off-the-shelf solution that worked; that delivered on the promise of getting actionable results at an affordable price. Gillespie Nimble was born!

    We strongly believe that skill development is accomplished through a training process, not a single training event. It involves learning new concepts, real-world practice, feedback, encouragement, and interaction with other learners and experts in the field.


    ENROLLING NOW: New Manager Jump Series

      Features of a Gillespie Nimble program:

      • Online coaching. The facilitator provides individualized attention, feedback and encouragement to each learner in the cohort.
      • Spaced learning. Learners will begin with a 30-45 minute online course, then twice per week will receive Nibbles. Nibbles are problem scenarios to solve individually or in groups to extend the learning and practice the skills acquired.
      • Performance support. Throughout the program participants receive useful tips, checklists, and recommended readings to help them move forward toward mastery.
      • Cohort-based virtual class. Learners are part of a group of 10-20 participants and progress through the program together, learning from each other’s issues and backgrounds for a richer experience.
      • Scenario-based eLearning. Our online modules are scenario driven, relevant and engaging. Content is presented to make the learner think deeply about the choices they make.
      • Online community. Cohort members communicate and share issues and ideas through an online portal, moderated by a seasoned facilitator.

      As a new manager, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving are just a few of the make-or-break skills needed in any company, no matter the industry or workplace environment.

      With the New Manager Jump series, you will build this expertise through a series of diverse supervisory skills courses. These immediately-actionable skills will help you transition efficiently, encourage positivity and productivity, and create a foundation for success.


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