Gillespie Associates Launches Gillespie Nimble to Address Management Skill Gap

Gillespie Associates announced today the launch of Gillespie Nimble, a comprehensive training program to reduce the cost and increase effectiveness of training for key workforce skill sets.

The company has been creating customized training programs for organizations for over 25 years through their team of instructional designers and leadership coaches. They noticed that a fundamental weakness of current online training offerings is that training is considered a one-time event where you complete a short course, click exit, and are then expected to deliver the skill.

“We all know, and have known for a long time, that adults don’t learn that way,” said Gillespie CEO Geoff Barrow, “and that’s why Gillespie Associates believes skill development is accomplished through a training process, not a single training event.”

The Gillespie Nimble program includes cohort-based virtual classes, scenario-based eLearning, spaced learning and practice through “Nibbles”, online communities, online coaching, and performance support through checklists and tools to help participants.

Gillespie Nimble is now accepting enrollment for its first program, “New Manager Jump Series.” Throughout this program, skills become more complex, similar to the way the complexity of the management job increases. The three 90-day programs – JumpStart, JumpIn, and JumpUp – guide first-time managers through a series of diverse supervisory topics, providing them with the skills needed in any company, regardless of the industry or workplace environment.

To enroll in the New Manager Jump Series or learn more about Gillespie Nimble programs, visit

For 27 years, Gillespie Associates ( has researched, analyzed, discussed, and pondered the unique ways in which adults build knowledge and skills, providing product and custom training in organizational development and workplace learning. Gillespie has worked with a broad client base, from Fortune 500 companies to local nonprofit organizations, enabling them to reach their goals. Their team of executives, instructional designers, and IT specialists brings immense experience, award-winning talent, and a defined sense of customer service to each project, working to tailor learning strategies, methods, and content to your organization's unique needs.

Geoff Barrow, CEO