How Practice Helped Me Learn the Pythagorean Theorem and Can Help You Too!

Practice is critical to the development of new skills. It allows learners to apply new skills and receive feedback on the results. The process of practicing increases learning in a way that simply reading about a skill will never do. Once you acknowledge the importance of practice, this post will help you increase the effectiveness of practice.

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How Much Technology Does an Instructional Designer Have To Master?

Today’s job descriptions for instructional designers (IDs) require the following: Basic HTML and Flash programming familiarity. Solid knowledge of course development software and at least one LMS. Visual design skills (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator).

Whatever happened to the good old interviewing, storyboarding, or writing skills? Is the pure instructional designer role a thing of the past? Exactly how much technology does an ID need to master in order to be a “good” ID?

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How I Hire an Instructional Designer

I had just asked the young man sitting opposite me in the interview to tell me about his approach to e-learning. He looked wide-eyed and suggested: “E-learning. That’s something you do with templates isn’t it?” This turned out to be one of the shortest interviews I had ever conducted. After suggesting some resources to help him in his development, I politely terminated the conversation.

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