Writing Your Content: The Building Blocks of Effective Training

Do you ever find yourself listening to a friend or loved one’s story and unable to determine what happened because they forget to tell you important details? Or getting so lost in their details and asides that you lose their point? It’s kind of funny when it’s at home… but when you’re trying to understand how to perform a new task or integrate a concept into your daily routine, poor communication is a problem.

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How to Radically Increase Engagement in Your Training Programs

Every developer, HR manager, or other individual responsible for training struggles with a lack of employee engagement in training. “It’s hard enough to get employees to complete required compliance training programs, so forget about getting them to complete anything optional,” is the sentiment we hear often from frustrated HR professionals. Why is it so hard to get employees to engage in training?

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I Love Compliance Training!

The message to the client from the government audit was clear: Train your employees in your discrimination complaint handling procedures.

The message from the client to our training department was equally clear: Post an overview of the procedure on the LMS for our employees to read, nothing fancy. Then we can document we’ve met the government requirements.

So what did our “training” solution look like?

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